How to Apply

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How to Apply

The Dream Fund is currently closed for applications. We will be announcing the winners of Dream Fund 2014 in the New Year.

The Dream Fund will be open again for applications later on this year.

Dream Fund 2014 had a three stage application process:

Stage 1

Applicants submitted a one-page A4 summary detailing the proposal for their Dream Fund project, including the following information:

  • a brief description of the organisations who are partnering
  • a project description
  • details of why the project is a ‘dream’ project
  • the funding category your project falls under
  • the amount of funding you are requesting 

Stage 2

The most impressive, exciting and original projects were then shortlisted and asked to apply via a formal online application form. 

Stage 3

Stage 2 applicants were then shortlisted again and the very best entries were asked to attend our offices in Edinburgh to give a formal presentation on their project to the Dream Fund judges.

The winning projects are due to be announced at our Charity Gala on January 29th 2014.


Dream Fund 4 - AS

Dream Fund 2014 accepted applications for projects that met one of the following funding themes: 

Encouraging Healthy Living

This category is about promoting positive outcomes in people’s health, fitness and wellbeing by encouraging people to be more healthy and active in their daily lives. We are looking for visionary projects that offer long-lasting and innovative solutions to the advancement of health and wellbeing amongst local communities. We particularly welcome applications which focus on involving children and young people in healthy living.

Social Enterprise

If you have an entrepreneurial dream to deliver important social or environmental aims then this category could be for you. The winning project will seek to address social and environmental challenges in innovative and sustainable ways and will provide a compelling long-term vision beyond the original duration of funding. We are especially interested in projects that provide greater life opportunities for people. 

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is about meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. We are seeing this across the world with moves towards renewable energy sources, wider use of recycling and greater awareness of how our food is produced and sourced. The winning project for this category will involve, engage and inspire local communities to live in a more environmentally sustainable fashion. We especially welcome applications from projects that seek to reduce carbon emissions and that can be used as a template for others to follow.

Dream Fund 2- AS

The list below shows what we do and don’t fund.

What We Fund


Innovative, creative and original projects that are a real 'dream'


Registered charities, voluntary organisations, community interest companies and social enterprises


Projects of a maximum of 24 months in duration


Projects that meet one of the three funding criteria


Collaborations between a registered charity and another relevant organisation


Projects that have been developed to a point where they are ready to execute


General running costs including salaries, rent, utility bills and insurance that are linked to the project


Purchase of capital items and equipment


What We Don't Fund


Applications for more than £250,000


Applications from a single organisation, or where the lead partner is not a registered charity


Projects that are replications of existing strategies, or that lack creativity and ambition*


Projects that do not benefit Scotland, England or Wales


Statutory bodies or projects that the state has an obligation to provide (inc. schools/PTAs, councils and local authorities)


Projects that are not developed enough to be put into action at the point of receiving funds


Individuals and grant making bodies


Applications that are for inflated small grants projects


* Please read about the 2011, 2012 and 2013 Dream Fund winners to see examples of the level of projects that we are looking for.

This is not a full list of everything that we do and don’t fund. You must read the Guidance Notes fully to ensure that you are aware of what is eligible for funding. We are unable to accept applications for ineligible projects, so please check that you meet the criteria: