Play on Pedals joins in Playday 2015 Cook, Eat, Laugh, Live Paws for Thought

Play on Pedals joins in Playday 2015

Cook, Eat, Laugh, Live

Players of People's Postcode Lottery fund new accessible kitchen

Paws for Thought

The Mayhew Training Programme for volunteers awarded £5000


Since 2009, People's Postcode Trust has awarded over £10 million to more than 1500 projects across Great Britain, with over £7 million of this going to the Small Grants Programme. We support innovative and engaging projects of up to one year in length that bring a positive impact to local communities.

The online application form is currently closed, but will be open between the opening and closing dates as detailed below:

Quarter Opening Date Closing Date Eligible Regions
Q2 1st Apr 30th Apr South of England, Scotland and Wales
Q4 1st Oct 30th Oct London and Greater London, Scotland and Wales

For a map and full list of eligible regions for the above rounds, please see our Small Grants page.

Application forms must be completed online, though we also would advise you to consult the Guidance Notes before applying:

Guidance Notes

NOTE: For projects seeking funding in other regions of England that we are not currently supporting (specifically the NORTH OF ENGLAND and the MIDLANDS) we are able to recommend a different grant-giving Trust that may be able to assist you. Details can be obtained here. 


If you have a query regarding any future application you can contact the Trust Helpdesk

By e-mail: info@postcodetrust.org.uk

By phone: 0131 555 7287 at the following times:

Mon:   10am-12pm  and 2-5pm

Wed:  10am-12pm  and 2-5pm

Fri:     10am-12pm  and 2-5pm